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At Nutra Coast Supplements, we provide a variety of packaging options. Our wide range of options makes your product stand out on retail shelves and gives your customers several options to choose from.

Stick Packs & Sachets:
These provide your customers with the perfect on-the-go option. The single-serve packages are filled with powder for easy opening and pouring and are designed to be mixed into water bottles like electrolyte or energy drinks, vitamin waters, or sports supplements.

Plastic jar packaging is available in several different sizes, shapes and lid options enabling a customized look and feel. Our durable plastic bottles are offered in different neck and finish options to be paired with a variety of jar caps so your product stays protected and can be dispensed with ease.

Our paper or plastic resealable bags come in several different size, shape and color options so you can present your product perfectly. Bags are a great option for large quantities of powders such as protein powders and other nutritional supplement powders.

Glass containers are an ideal choice for most products, powder and capsule, due to their durable and eco-friendly nature. They are easily customizable in shape, size and color. We offer several different neck and lid options so your product can be dispensed easily and stay protected.

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